Our product RETRODRUM started life as TURBODRUM during 2016 harvest.


We had been asked by an Esperance farmer to develop a replacement feed drum for his MacDon harvester front based on the very simple design we use on our pickup fronts.


The new drum we developed to help the farmer was so successful we sold nearly 400 units in the next 14 months.


The name TURBODRUM was used until about August 2018 when the name became an issue.


We manufactured all TURBODRUMS (agricultural) in existence until this date.

We then changed the name to RETRODRUM and that name has been accepted by the market – we have been providing products, parts and service to farmers around Australia since the days of Acremaster Tractors and beyond.


Since starting production of feed drum replacements during 2016 harvest, our policy of continuous improvement has resulted in a more refined product covering an ever-growing range of models – currently 5 brands and 13 models.


We now have over 900 units working in 4 countries, Australia,
New Zealand, Canada and USA.


Seasonal conditions have been poor in most of our markets since 2017, so we are looking forward to and preparing for coming volume challenges as the seasons change with the upcoming harvest looking better in Australia at least.


Supported Models

We cater for 5 brands so far including 13 models.

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Ca 20 1052
Ca 25 1040
FD1 1042
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Honey Bee


MidWest Durus

Crop Hawk
John Deere

John Deere

Massey Ferguson

Massey Ferguson

Dynaflex 9255


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Learn More About Our Parts Kits

Turbodrum Parts Kit

Parts Kit Model # TD 163



2 x Bearings (TD1092)
3 x Crank Clamps (4000-0120)
6 x Retractable Fingers (4000-0119-195/4000-0119-155/4000-0119-225)
6 x Guides (4000-0333)
10 x Thread Forming Screws (TD 164)
10 x Nyloc Nuts (TD 1046)
1 x Hex Tool


Phillbourne Merredin (WA)


Phone: (08) 9041 2066 for sales
Email: sales@phillbourne.com.au
Website: retrodrumsales.com.au